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Life Transforming Testimonies — 2 Comments

  1. WOW! WOW! WOW!  I love the way Holy Spirit fills you with blessings from above for all who catch and receive!  I receive this word for it speaks to my own drifting away; and my return to my Father.  Since my return to Jesus in repentance,, He has accelerated my spiritual ‘relationship’ with Him; all the enemy tried to steal, kill, and destroy in me (by my allowing him) the Lord has skimmed it off by His refining fire of LOVE.  He is so amazing and today I bow in humility before Him, still and quiet, waiting to hear His voice and be obedient to it.  Blessed be the Lord!!!

  2. Alert! the message may contain some hard truth and bring bad memory.  there was a little girl once lived in a small town in china. when suddenly everything changed: she was raped and molested by her family member, relative and neighbor one after another… a miserable soul full of pain physically and spiritually … sickness, fear, curses and questions that never had an answer, rejected and never mounted up anything even she was talented in some way…but she was healed as she heard the gospel and believed! yet she fell into the temptation of the evil one right after she was cleaned and has been chastened severely by the LORD even in her marriage and almost lost everything except her very life …first she found her water contaminated and then had blood issue and would have died IF the LORD didn’t show up through the years of her afflictions, He healed her water and her body and make her a spokesman(Jer15:19-21)and called her to be” a Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings(Isa58:12).Yet the enemy has always come against her and her battle – fierce. the LORD has revealed to her that the one who hurt her also did jinx to curse her for decades because of his fear to be exposed and he has authority over her …life is meaningless without Jesus and just a walking dead, thanks be to God for he has shown GREAT MERCY to this poor one and has led her HOME and give her REST and making her a blessing as he promised to her through Zec8:13. All glory to the Father and the Son forever and ever, Amen!

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