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Light a Fire Under The Church! — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, that is so true! Many of us are not ready! Life happened and we lost our fervour for the Lord! I believe that many are seeking and will be ignited with fire from Holy Spirit or God. I sense that He is soon returning, also. Many will be touched by the Lord and yes, some will not heed the warning. They will be like the 5 foolish virgins. May we make it into Your Kingdom, Lord. May we be harvesters. May we burn for a passion for You as we once did and an even greater passion for You! I believe that many will burn on fire for Christ Jesus. Not only those who are coming into the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, many who lost their zeal and passion for Jesus will be reignited. Thank You, Lord.

  2. I like how Jesus keeps telling us about His return or to Spirit-filled how Our Father keeps saying the same. Think how can someone who has been made the new wineskin they have been made as clean as Jesus when He walked the earth, they have been given the opportunity to be filled with the same Spirit Jesus was so as not to be lukewarm. I pause to consider how foolish anyone who studies the new testament and tries to prove this Spirit anointing might be for some but not for all like every writer of the New Testament did not fully understand this truth and use this very truth to write what they did! When the truth of this sinks in and we begin to practice and learn the leading of the Spirit Jesus does appear to you, your life will begin to have divine paths someone that needs a healing path will cross yours, and someone who needs salvation path will cross yours and like Jesus, you will be eating food from Heaven you will be anxious to wake in the morning and go into prayer to get in the Spirit to see what this new day of the Lord will bring it is the era of God s goodness where He has labored and we have entered into His labor

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