Light is rising up out of the forest


Last night I had a dream that was strange.  At first I thought: what a crazy dream!

I have a friend living in the East [South Eastern USA] in the heavy forested area where there are many trees.  In the dream, my friend was in the forest and found a strange guitar shaped like a limb of a tree.  Yes, it was strange indeed.  In the dream the guitar looked like a long old weathered tree limb.  [It was very old and weathered]  At first I saw it only as a large old limb, but upon closer examination it had strings on it.

“Someone has been playing this instrument!” he exclaimed.  As he showed me this limb,  I was amazed!  Then suddenly we saw the man who had made and played the instrument: he was peculiar.  He was there in the Forest and had lived a life of solitude.  He came up and said: “That is mine, let me show you how it is played.”   He began to play the guitar and it was revealed then that it was a “base guitar“.  The beat began to play.  The other music was not being played only the base or the beat.  As he played we began to hear the Music.  It was Worship Music.

After awakening I lay in bed thinking about the dream.  Suddenly I saw the confusion and persecution going on in Kentucky with Kim Davis, as she continues to stand for God, against Same Sex Marriage.  I saw the growing persecution.

I then heard the Lord say,  “The persecution is bringing my people who live out there in the trees, out of the forest!”

I began to see many people refusing to bow to same sex marriage along with Kim Davis.  As I was thinking about these many people, I then remembered the three Hebrew Children who would not bow to the ungodly music and worship the worldly king.  I saw how they refused to bow and were thrown in the fiery furnace but when they were there appeared a fourth man walking with them.  I am understanding how persecution caused the people of God [who will refuse to bow to the world] will cause the world to see the “fourth man,” who is “Jesus Christ” walking.  We all know they were delivered from the fiery furnace and their god was then worshiped by the king of Babylon as the great god.

Suddenly, I knew that the dream is about.  Many thousands of Christians in America who are out there in the trees [in seclusion] and they are rising to refuse [to be forced] the law against God.  When they are further persecuted the fourth man will walk with them.  This is how The Lord will be seen by the ungodly.  He will be seen, in the persecution.  The people who refuse will be walking with the King of Glory for all to see, “Him, Jesus Christ”.
Next, I understand the musical instrument is worship.

The people of God are rising up out of the hidden places or forests, and they are playing the base guitar… [the beat of the music].  In other words they are marching to a beat.  God’s beat.  The guitar was a tree limb [a branch].  The Scriptures say that Jesus Christ is the Vine, but the child of God is the Branch and that the Branch must remain in the Vine and when it does… it will bring forth fruit.

In a previous word I heard the Lord tell me that there is coming a rising and he said, “The south shall rise again.”

The south will rise again.  Well I am seeing this and understanding that in the South is the Bible Belt.  Many thousands of true Christians are in these states.

These are grass roots of the faith which will be rising.  They are rising even now and more and more states will arise [Bible believing Christians].  In the south we have known that many thousands of people are Christians, but we are wondering where they are now? Get ready to see them rising.

In a previous word, I heard The Lord say that “Kentucky will rise first and that other states will join in the stand.”  In the civil war, Kentucky was split over joining the union or the confederacy. He said this time they would in majority stand up for the lord and will be clearly identified.

I can only say that I have seen the people of God coming out of the forest and worshiping the King of Glory which will bring forth much fruit.  The silent Christians are going to stand up and march.

* * * * * 

I have posted this Word in Obedience to The Lord.  Now watch this Word come about, knowing very well that Persecution will bring forth the Army of God marching and the ungodly will see The King.
Desert Prophet


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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