Living in the days of Isaiah 5:20


We are living in the days of Isaiah 5:20.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

What was once considered good is now is now labeled by the world as evil and what was once labeled as evil is now considered good.  Here are a few examples.

At one point not all that long ago marriage was considered as a sacred institution.  It followed God’s law, not to mention the laws of nature.  Those who stood against marriage as it had been traditionally defined for millennia were seen as a threat to the fabric of society.

Now it is those who seek to redefine and defile marriage that are seen as visionaries while those who remain firm in support of the Biblical and natural stance are accused of being intolerant and closed minded.  These are not only making a stance for God’s creation and His word to be honored, they are standing in favor of the natural order which necessitates that a male must be joined to a female for procreation to occur.

An issue with greater longevity is that regarding the sanctity of human life itself.  Natural law dictates that where a male and a female are joined it can and often does result in the creation of new life.  While we attempt to control this natural process, especially where sex is taking place absent of real commitment, it is inevitable that such unions can and sometimes do result in pregnancy.

It was once believed that while new life may not always be convenient or even wanted, it is sacred.  As such solutions were sought to protect and preserve life.  In doing so we knew that we were honoring the Creator and the creation.  Now this position is seen as outdated, inflexible and even hateful.  It is those who promote “choice” through the unnatural termination of human life who are seen as good.

The list goes on but the pattern repeats itself.  What was once viewed as evil is now viewed as good and what was once seen as good is now widely regarded as evil.  This sets up a paradigm shift where not just the views, but those who hold them are judged based on their stance.

The climate for such moral dilemmas is the school of relative truth.  In other words, truth does not simply remain truth regardless of mitigating circumstances.  It is defined based on the perceptions of individuals.  This camp honors the thought of “what’s true for you may or may not be true for me” and “it is I who ultimate define what truth is.”  As a result the moral compass of society has begun spinning wildly.  This directionless navigation leaves us going nowhere.  “Woe” is the first word of Isaiah 5:20 and woe is what we are beginning to experience.

Is it any wonder that as we witness the shift of perceptions regarding good and evil we are also witnessing a literal polar shift in the earth?  No doubt the woes are manifest in mankind and throughout all of creation.

Woe to a generation that is completely confused regarding sexuality and even gender identity.  The values of their parents (which were already distorted) have devolved into a jumbled mishmash of uncertainty.  While they push for acceptance the fact is that many don’t even know who they are.  The focus is no longer on who and what they are but who and what they are not but think they should be.

Woe to a generation that could of been but never was.  Their corpses are labeled as medical waste and cast into the “unwanted” pile.  They rot in our landfills without having even been given the decency of a normal burial.  Their blood cries out from the ground.  Like them, the gifts they would have contributed to society will never come to pass.  Perhaps the cure for cancer or the solution for world hunger was sucked out by a vacuum or torn apart by a pair of forceps.  God sent them forth to be born upon the earth but we rejected them before they even had a chance.

There is hope though.  We can choose absolute truth to differentiate that which is right from that which is wrong.  We can choose to accept that there is a Creator and as such, we as His creation owe Him the honor of respecting the intent and purpose of His work.  We can choose to align our compasses with this truth as He provided it to us and set our courses accordingly.  We can still choose to turn back.  The real question is, “Will we?”

If you are a part of the minority that knows the truth and abides by it I implore you to speak while there is still time.  Do not resign yourself to let the woes multiply upon our society and upon the face of the earth.

How you handle this message will reveal a lot about what you truly believe.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!


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