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  1. Bro. McGatlin, Mighty man of valor! I was re-reading this post, because who just reads it one time? The Romance and Marriage – the romance part, cause me to think about the “wooing” of God. How God “wooos” us toward Him. And this thought came, in that we should be careful not to be so quick to discard people who haven’t completed the “Christian check-list” as we know He never sleeps nor slumbers – God’s “woos” us into His presence. Some are in the middle of a “woo”.

    • The Song of Solomon gives us a glimpse of the “wooing” of the Bride. Arguably, the most intimate book in the Bible, inspired by God.

  2. You right about that insane darkness – What? Paul said he haven’t yet arrived Philippians 3:12, but in this “Now Age” we can say we Have arrived, because we are arriving, complete in Jesus and He in us. That’s the kind of boldness the Church is declaring and demonstrating in the “Now Age” In love, wisdom and power. 1 Corinthians 2:4 – And since our God demonstrated His power first in Creation, we too have creative power in Him.

    3rd dimension teaching…Powerful! ~The Remnant~ Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

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