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Look to The LORD! — 4 Comments

  1. Omg… how beautiful and touching. So encouraging and very uplifting. I love you my Saviour. Thank you so much dear sister. Shalom to you.

  2. Lord, let your precious blood shield Dearest Kelly,other prophets & all at his kingdom prophecy. Give them the Grace to hear & understand you More & More in Jesus Christ name. Happy Easter!

  3. Abba Father am all yours, my times are in your hands cause You have asked me to WAIT & Look up to you. I know you will do it supernaturally in your own ways. Give me & others the Grace to patuently wait upon you Lord & never miss my/our appointed time of visitation. Strengthen & revive us o Lord.

  4. Those 7 words in 1 was definitely for me. I receive these words with my whole being. I feels so empty, lost, forgotten and abandoned and lonely. It’s only by God’s grace that I have not given up. I thank you woman of God for this.Gid bless.


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