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Look Up, for Your Redemption Draws Near — 1 Comment

  1. peace greeting,Mrs. Lynne Johnson

    i thank to The Lord Jesus, i have read this message today.
    and i thank to you that i can read this message that bless me.
    i stay in indonesia, I’m not fluent in English, but I’m trying to convey my expectation.
    i am sorry if my english written not good.

    i hope Lord Jesus help my family to find salvation, because my wife and 2 sons have received injection covid vaccine. i dont receive this vaccine, but how about my wife and 2 sons ? this condition make me sad.

    i dont come to my church because i reject this vaccine, although my pastor push me .
    almost people in my church have received this injection, even all church have already implemented injection. almost pastors, evangelists, preacher, and church members have injected.

    i just feel sad, even they say to me that i dont obey the Bible, they say in book rome chaper 13, that christians must follow goverment instruction, but i dont care.
    my church make rule that each person must have inject if he/ she go to church.
    that is why i dont go to my church.

    Please pray for my family because i love them.
    i know they received vaccine because influence from friends, pastor and relatives.

    i hope Lord Jesus give grace for them, before something bad happen with them.

    Thank you Mrs Lynne Johnson
    Your ministry support me

    God bless You and Your family

    with regards

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