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LORD Jesus Christ, Lead Me to Righteous Shepherds — 2 Comments

  1. Young Christians certainly need to be directed towards righteous shepherds – whether these also use that title.  Christians beyond a certain level of maturity, however, although they still need other Christians, should rather be directed to the Lord Himself. 

    There is a danger in elevating a person or an office as an intermediary standing between the believer and the Lord.  The role of the shepherd is to raise believers to a state of maturity in Christ, and not to keep them in a state of permanent immaturity in a dependence on pastors, which, I’m afraid, is what we actually see in the church.  [The latter also makes it asier for the enemy, who then only has to corrupt the shepherd to get at the whole flock.]

    Analogously, it is right for parents to raise their natural children to emotional adulthood, and not for immature adults to be forever seeking out other adults to parent them.  The problem has been exacerbated by the breakdown of the natural family, but this is even more reason why believers should be directed first and foremost to Abba Father.

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