The Lord says: It is All before you now!


Word of the Lord to the Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Most High.

Just before you, are the greatest manifestations and out pouring of My Glory, My Presence, My Power, My Wisdom, and My Love that you or the world has ever known.  The Hour of your awakening and manifesting the Christ in You, to begin to deliver All of Creation.

They and it are waiting for you to come to the full revelation and realization of your Son-ship and the full activation and release of My Divine Nature within you, You and your faith is Born of Me, says the Lord and whatsoever is born of Me over comes the world you are My world Over-comers.

You are My Salt you Are My Light, you sit with me in My throne.  All authority in Heaven and earth has been Given unto you.

Go ye Forth and proclaim that My Kingdom is at Hand.  Tell My wayward Sons of Adam that they can come back to Me because of the sacrifice of My Son and the shedding of His blood and the light that was released in His doing.  So that they can come Home to Me, for I desire that none of them should perish.

Demonstrate My Kingdom.  Show them My Love for them.  For surely I love them and you with all of My heart.   Jehovah.



Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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