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Love’s Supernatural Reality Now — 1 Comment

  1. This Word is true.
    Thank you for sharing.
    What a beautiful heart you have, truly the Heart of the Father.
    I had a dream about a week ago where I was walking through many rooms filled with women, young and old, in deep despair. I sat next to one I knew on the ground where she was coiled up in the fetal position in deep despair…her two young girls were with her, one was cutting off her own hair. I didn’t speak but only wept with her as I was overcome with deep compassion. As I continued to walk I began to notice that almost every woman’s hair was roughly cut very short, to their shame. I walked up to a small group of older women who I could sense were very bitter. I asked them if they knew where they were, by the Spirit I knew this was hell on earth and asked if they were aware of this. I knew they were but were trying desperately to avoid this truth. I began to tell them that Jesus truly paid the price and loved them so very much, but a deep compassion once again came over me and I wept loudly. As I did this a sound could be heard from behind me but coming through me of the most indescribable beautiful song I’ve ever heard, it was truly the song of the compassion of the Father for His wounded children. I believe this is the Spirit to Spirit Sound that is awakening and healing His children at this time. It’s Pure Love poured out through His own into His own. Rivers of Living Water. And we will never thirst again.
    Joel 2 was a Word spoken over me 20 years ago and I’ve been walking through hell for 20 years to get to it. I’ve thrown everything, my makeup, wardrobe, job with company vehicle, I cut off my hair, I’ve been horrifically persecuted, slandered, abused, rejected…but my Rewarder has become my Reward.
    I can feel your beautiful heart in your kind words. What a breath of fresh air you are
    God bless you.
    Joel 2 says ” My people will never be shamed again. He is restoring the years the locust has eaten…HALLELUJAH!! :D:D

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