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  1. There are testimonies of people being healed of lupus. Andrew Wommack’s ministries has several people – including a woman name Teresa and a woman named Racquel. Look up their testimonies on Wommack ministries, Healing Journeys Today on YouTube or Facebook, or just type in their name on YouTube. There’s another woman healed from lupus and you can find her testimony by typing in “Healed of Lupus” on YouTube under the name Prophet Jerome Fernando. All healed because they believe in Jesus and believed He’d heal them!!

  2. I have lupus i believe the Lord health thee,pray all who have lupus hear the song in their spirit,thank you so much,your dream and Monique,testimony great encouragement,

    • Dear Angela! It’s your turn and your season. You are next to testify in Jesus’ Name! There’s absolutely nothing too hard for the Lord.

  3. How wonderful is our God who heals all our diseases, I give Him all the glory, I rejoice with you and glorify His mighty name for healing you

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I was diagnosed with Lupus back in 2013. My doctor had told me that all he could do was help me manage, because there’s no cure for it.

    After 6 years of pain and suffering, the Lord Jesus miraculously healed me in 2019! No more medications, no more excruciating pains, no more steroid injections on my scalp to reverse the hair loss! He has rolled away the stone of affliction out of my life and I’m forever grateful to GOD!

    For the past month or so, I’ve been hearing the same song in my spirit, over and over!

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