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  1. Beautiful this encouraging Word for 2022, Sandi. I fully receive it and am feasting off the Father’s table with it.
    He is a good good Father and all is forever well in His Kingdom!! 
    Thank you beloved one!

    • Truly this is our time to Arise and Shine and let the GLORY of the Lord shine through us. You are so encouraging. Much love and peace, mt sweet friend. xoxo Sandi

  2. God bless you with more Divine Grace. I say Amen to the prophetic promises released.
    Please Ma’am, permit me to say our God shows me mercies & reveals many dreams to me which i always write down as i lack interpretation of dreams for now.
    This article is a confirmation of a dream I had on 11/12/2021 where a late God’s General (Prophet) in my continent (Africa) was preaching & prophesying to people in this large Church but the church seen to be in my small bedroom. Then suddenly, he called out my full name & i answered Sir.  I thought he was going to prophesy to me but he said, “GET READY TO COME OUT & SHOW YOUR LIGHT OF MANIFESTATION!  I got confused & scared on hearing this as humanly speaking I wasn’t even prepared in any way or well dressed up to be CALLED OUT before this large crowd by this late Revered Prophet. END OF DREAM! 
    Father, please prepare me, help me & all others you have singled out with whatever KINGDOM ASSIGNMENT(s) in Jesus name! Thanks Dear Sandi.

    • AMEN @Adams!
      Chosen…covered in Light…and called forth for such a time as this!

      The Holy Spirit brought to mind the phrase from the Bible the other day,
      “The Sword of the Lord and (Gideon)…(put your name there!)

      Just as the angel called out Gideon’s truest spitball Identity, by calling it forth….
      We call forth in each other, “MIGHTY ONE OF VALOR…SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF LIGHT”
      All of Creation is groaning, and waiting for the Manifest “SONS OF LIGHT”!

      • Amen to that Adams and Shelley we are definitely called forth for such a time as this. We are SONS and DAUGHTERS of LIGHT! Sandi

      • Thank you so much God’s vessel Shelley for your Holy spirit led prayers & words. I prayed with my name as instructed Ma’am. MAY GOD HONOR YOU WITH MORE SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT & IN 2022 PUT YOU ON DISPLAY AS ONE OF HIS MIGHTY VALOR FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE. GET READY MA’AM TO TOUCH MORE LIVES!

    • Dear Adams..THank you and I receive that blessing of more Divine Grace. I thank God upon every confirmation that HE gives others through the words HE gives me to share. Forever grateful, Sandi

      • Dearest woman of God Sandi, Know that God always confirm HIS words irrespective of geographical locations. Thank you for your love & time to pray with me & other brethren here despite your tight itinerary. Also, your prompt response is so valued by me. God bless & shield you from all evils in Jesus name.

    Setting our sails FOR HIM!!!!
    Linking arms and hearts together for His purposes in the earth!
    Love and Blessings dear one!!!

    *Will be coming back to this Word…to ponder and let Holy Spirit RELEASE!

    In Christ alone…may we be found…”Our Cornerstone”

    • Dearest Shelley, I agree..setting our sails FOR HIM and LINKING ARMS and HEARTS TOGETHER as we ponder His divine orders for the coming new year. Love and hugs, Sandi

  4. Quelle PUISSANCE dans ces paroles, dans SES Paroles !
    Merci de ce partage qui nous donne une Espérance Immense, telle que seul le Père céleste peut nous insuffler.

    [ HKP Admin : Google Translate : “What POWER in these words, in HIS Words! Thank you for this sharing, which gives us an Immense Hope, such that only the heavenly Father can breathe us in.” ]

    • Thanks so much Martine for your encouraging word and to HKP for the translation. His words are so powerful and HE so freely gives us authority to use them to bring hope where hope has been deferred and to breathe life into that which has taken many death blows. Many blessing to you as we move forward following and carrying the LIGHT! Shalom, Sandi

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