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Many Shall Be Called to Sit in the Heavenly Places! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you pophate this is a true and great prophecy. We are all waiting for this great and wonderful day. God is great Amen Pray for me I need more revalation about the word of God. I want to be God’s true servant.

  2. Good night thank you.for sharing this awesome word.I would like to ask for prayer for debt to be cancel and my name be removed from the collection agency.My landlord has been trying to evict me court is set for Sept.19,also for my daughter to find good afforfable place to live with her 2 children.Thank you on advance for your prayer on these matters.


  3. Thank for the message from the holy spirit God is good. Thanks prophet for the prophesy that the God has given to you for the world to read and understand.  God bless you.

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