March 2018: Breakthrough Prophetic Word


Below you will find the video for the March 2018 Breakthrough Prophetic Word!

A fresh word from Heaven, mixed with your faith will set the preconditions for what happens next in your life!


The Father says today the councils of heaven are convened over your life and the gavel has come down in your favor.

The mockers and the skeptics may scorn you but what I have called clean no man can call unclean.

You are clean says the Father.  You are clean through the word that I have spoken to you.

This day I pronounce your deliverance.  This day I call for shift in your life out of downturn and disappointment and into breakthrough and uplifting.

I AM lifting you up says God.

I AM endearing you to Myself in this season.  The poison of the adder and the sting of the scorpion are being rendered inert against you.

I AM undoing the devastations of the past.

I AM repairing that which was beyond repair.

I AM renewing your hope.

I AM reconstituting your destiny.

I AM giving marrow to your bones and sinew to your strength until full victory, full salvation, complete restoration is yours in every area of your life.

Reject the narrative of despair says the Father.  Turn away from pessimism, skepticism and sarcasm.

Sarcasm is the refuge of the faithless, and I have called you not to be faithless but believing.

Fear not says God – but BELIEVE ONLY and you will be saved.

Your situation, your loved one, your circumstance will experience and know My visitation and My glory that will rewrite your destiny and manifest My goodness in your life beyond any expectation you have dreamed of beyond all reasoning.

Receive this day says God – the river of My goodness and the fullness of My favor for they are yours this day as a seal and signet of the love wherewith I have loved you as the son and daughter of My right hand says God.


~ Prophet Russell Walden

Russel WaldenProphet Russel Walden and wife Kitty are founders of Father’s Heart Ministry of Branson, Missouri. Both travel internationally and in the USA ministering in the prophetic. Prophet Russ brings a new dimension to the prophetic through activation and impartation of God’s voice in your life. Russ and Kitty come from a long history in business world and full time pastoral ministry.

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