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Mayday! Mayday! This is Not a Fire Drill! — 5 Comments

  1. It is spring here.  I have seen so many Turkey Buzzards.
    Has the LORD revealed a specific thing to pray for or against?

  2. Father I embrace the Power of the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ our Lord as a covering over the Destiny of the United States of America as well as Your Nations being brought forth from the old into ‘The New’ in the Power of the Mighty Name of our Redeemer, our Lord Jesus Christ. I embrace the Strength and Might of Your Spirit this Day on behalf of Your Righteous Elect and Remnant.
    We praise Your Holy Glorious Beautiful Name Lord Jesus!!!! Hallelulah!!!
    God bless you beautiful lady :)

  3. Great is the word Lord thanks for waiting on the Lord and having the boldness to Post
    On one side we have reached the top of the roller coaster and are slowly creeping over that hill and heading down with great anticipation and excitement we have been waiting on the Lord for this moment. On the other side, we do not know we are on a coaster we have not even buckled in we are not aware of the great plunge we are about to take! Jesus’ victory at the cross was complete the serpent and his kingdom is destroyed we know this because we can enter God’s throne room whenever we choose, we can get baptized in the Holy Spirit every day speaking in an unknown tongue, we can direct our words and cast out the devil ALL these would be impossible if the enemy of mankind and his kingdom was not broken and destroyed, Jesus could not build His Kingdom in us if this is not the Truth, time to grow up!

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