Multiple Spiritual Personalities

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Multiple Spiritual Personalities

Fortify:  Strengthen a place with defensive works so as to protect it against attack, strengthen or invigorate someone mentally or physically.

As I was in prayer the Spirit of The Lord spoke this, MULTIPLE SPIRITUAL PERSONALITIES!

He begin to deal with me about the attacks that are coming against the minds of the people.  He said to many are dealing spiritually with split personalities that are causing them to act out of character one minute, and be holy the next.

He said the enemy is playing with their minds.  One minute they are this person who loves God and they put on the attributes of being godly by praying reading the Word and going to church, then the next minute they are cussing, smoking dope, fornicating lying and hating the things of God.

He said the enemy had weaken their minds and broken through their righteous thoughts and created another personality spiritually.  There is a spirit of spiritual lunacy released upon those who have played the hypocrite too long.

They come to church and pretend they are in praise and worship, and then in the midst of their thank you Jesus, and praise The Lord, a transformation takes place and they begin to act unseemly.  They begin to act in a way that says that something is mentally wrong.  They start doing things that make them look insane.

So many are being mentally tormented by satan.  Many stop doing the spiritual things that were necessary to strengthen and protect their minds and spirits.

They forgot to protect themselves mentally from the enemy.  They begin to listen to the lies of satan and eventually they begin to take on the characteristic of sin and iniquity.

They forget to secure the perimeters of their mind from the onslaught of satan tactics and temptations.  They didn’t reinforce the thoughts of their minds with the Word of God, instead they allow the enemy access to their thoughts which started producing actions.

The saddest thing about all this is they will say their abnormal behavior is the Holy Ghost in operation.  The enemy deceives them into believing that they can live a lifestyle of being a hypocrite and nothing will happen to them when in reality their mind has been taken captive.

I’m praying, because a lunatic and insane spirit is trying to destroy the mind of the people.

I’m praying that people will first fall in love with God and form a relationship start studying and meditating on the word digesting it and embedding it in the thought process of their mind and that they will get and maintain a prayer life so that they can stay in constant fellowship listening and talking to The Lord!

Listen, play close attention, because some of you are being deceived into thinking that you can play the one foot in the church and the other in the world game and it won’t affect you but what you are doing is allowing the enemy to take over your mind and control your thoughts so that he can get the desired results he wants from your vessel.

Guard your mind so that only the things of God will have control.

A little eyeopener for the men:

The worst thing you can do to a woman who loves you, is give her a reason not to.

A woman will carry you in her heart, even when you give her reasons to hate you in her mind.  You see men, when a real woman loves you it’s beyond the joy of the bed the sweetness of your words the aroma of your smell the power of your provision.  She goes beyond the exterior of your physical looks or the size of your financial power.  She sees the man that was created by God fashioned in His image and demonstrates His character.

She envisions you as the promise that God designed just for her.  Most men miss the opportunity to connect to the wife God has for them, because they are looking for a supermodel instead of the one that God has specially equipped designed and create to fit perfectly with him.

They rather have a pretty face than a woman that will do him well all his days.  He will connect to a woman that stirs his groin rather than one that will stir his vision and dreams.

When a true woman of character integrity grace releases her love to a man she is not just releasing her emotions but she is releasing all of who she is into the hands of a person that she trusts to never fail in protecting her life.  She releases her success failure hurts pains her experiences into the heart of someone that she believes is create in the image of God.

Therefore, she is not afraid to share her life story that was used to make her into the virtuous woman that he now has the opportunity to love and spend his life with.

Men, understand that when you make that woman feel unprotected unloved rejected and unwanted you are saying to her that you didn’t value her life and all that she went through to become the person she is and the wife that God designed for you.

When you abuse her, cheat on her, and devalue her trust in you, then she begins an extraction of herself from your soul and a retrieval of her love and life from your heart.

Many times this is a slow process but eventually she will regain her love back from you and shut down her heart soul and mind toward you.  Once she shuts you down it will take a mighty visitation from The Lord for her to open herself back up to release herself and her love back into a place were that love has been hurt and abused.

As a woman that has been hurt in love, I can personally tell you that when that woman heart emotions and mind is locked and she has made up her mind to finally bring closure and move on you will very seldom get her to look back to what she feels has been a wasted season of her life.  That’s why now I fight so much for marriages and love, because I know once a woman gives up, it’s almost impossible naturally, to get her to want to fight for her marriage.

Except God speaks reveals or gives her a divine revelation, in the cases were she no longer is in love, she has a sure mindset to move on and have closure.

Men, a woman will fight with everything she has to maintain her home and marriage, but please never give her a reason to not love you!   They ask a question what love has to do with it when it comes to a woman it has EVERYTHING!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. Dear sister Barbara, May the Lord bless you so much for the Eyeopener.  Now I understand better! I was in a relationship for the last three years, and have done exactly that! Today I know Father God will provide for me in a mighty way regarding a husband! I am extremely grateful for the way you have explained how a wonan’s heart operates, after all the abuse, the trampling down, and it hurts! It makes me sad that some of the men play the “romance card” without any intention of following through on their intentions, and being committed!  Regards, Paula