Multiplication — 9 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! He told me the same. I’ve had a dream of what it will look like. Your wife’s vison is the same as my dream. I prepared what He said 2 years ago and He said He “would multiply it”. Exact words.

  2. Thank you Chris for your obedient heart to post this very needed word of encouragement. 
    We all need to prepare for what is coming and with the help of the Lord help those in need.  The Lord bless you in a mighty way!!!

  3. I just read this morning the WEF is recommending to governments to not allow personal gardens because of co2 levels. It’s very apparent they are going to use food scarcity as a weapon. Thank you Lord for this timely word.

  4. Thank you Brother Chris for this message.I also hear the Lord speaking about multiplication.I stand in awe of God.

  5. Thank you for such an encouraging word for us today. There is no shortage where God is concerned, EVER. He owns everything, even the stolen goods that the enemy has been stockpiling for years.
    How ironic if He would use those goods to feed today’s hungry people.

  6. Thank you Brother Chris for this comforting word! We need to prepare, but also know God can still multiply and provide whatever we need, and we need to be ready to give to others.  Thank you Jesus!

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