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My Believers Will Access Your Food When You Are Gone — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Lynne, I have been seeking the Lord about this in the past months. I would veyr much welcome guidance about what to do, as the head of a single parent family with children and grandchildren, believers and non-believers. I am aware the Lord expects us to study and be wise, but also practical and prepare. Could you recommend a teacher who would guide us heads of home into the practicalities of how to prepare in a godly way for the days ahead, both for ourselves and for those who will come? Thank you so much x Margaret

    • Hi Margaret,

      For a good teacher, I would recommend Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat.  He is now on Rumble.  I will give you the link.

      He is also on youtube and has a website.  He explains things very well.  He explains also why we are not to go under rabbincal laws, we only follow Yeshua/Jesus. I believe you will find him very interesting and informative. You should listen to his personal testimony as to how he came to believe in Yeshua as his background was being brought up in a family of Rabbis.  I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but try his videos and see what you think.

      Also Hal Lindsey – He has a very good teaching on the book of John, and on Revelation.  you can access all his video on his website the Hal Lindsey Report.org (I believe it is .org but you will find it easily)

      blessings, Lynne


  2. Lynne, thank you for sharing these words! You just reiterated what I have also been thinking & feeling the past several months. A friend in my Bible study shared an interesting story from a client who is stacking her home with Bibles for those left behind. Could this really be the time? ❤️ God bless you.

    • Hi Molly,

      Yes from all thet the Lord Yeshua has given me in His words, we are very soon into the judgments. Store food if you are able. The good thing here is that the Lord says the judgments are not that long and then our redemption follows.  I do not know the time frame, the length of the judgments.  He does not give that information to His people. 

      Blessings, Lynne

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