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My Childhood Dream — 1 Comment

  1. Could you be seeing the great Abbey of Glostenbury and church location, where the first
    church of Christ stood around the first century and only the ruins remain of the abbey.  where Christianity was first established in England. 
    It’s a most peaceful and holy site with a lot of history behind the making. The legend of King Arthur and Guinivere whose graves were claimed to have been found there. The roofs are gone to the buildings and only grass inside, as your dream showed. Fire destroyed everything in 1184 and only the framework remains. There’s an energy felt there. Only one building was left intact and untouched, a round structure with a high ceiling dome with great acoustics inside, they use as a kitchen now, but could have had another use originally, as maybe a sacred gathering place. The church framework and arches are huge. They say King Arthur was quite tall. Just find that interesting. What an amazing dream you had over the years. This is such an outstanding piece of Biblical history that you may have seen, and there is so much more detail to the story. I came across this a few years back and loved the history. Thank you for sharing your great story. God Bless.

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