My Children Are Crying…

The following prophetic article was first published by Patricia Helfrich on August 3, 1995 and is a relevant for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ today as an understanding about Inner Healing.


“My children are crying!  My children are crying!  And there is no one to relieve their pain!  Many of My children are cringing in silence.  For there is no one to hear them, who will listen.  They’ve grown used to protecting their pain.  And they are afraid to bring it forward.  They’re afraid of the criticism.  Because they’re told they should already be healed.  I want to heal them, but many are so wounded.

They must have assistance to help them get the healing they need.  I am bringing many.  You have just seen the beginning…. just the tip.  And I will need to give you compassion, My compassion. Many who are wounded struggle.  They yearn for healing, for their deliverance.  They are frustrated because it has taken so long.  Many are in churches where the healing is not available.  They struggle, and try to be obedient, but they are wasting away.  I want to deliver My children.  I want to use you and to bring them to you.  I will bring My compassion to you.  The smell is the festering hurt inside my children.  They are wasting away from the hurt.

I’ve called my lowly, hurt, humble ones to you – to use you to heal them (church).  But many have just been turned away.  When they got to the doors, they got salvation, but then told to shape up…..nothing else… .(Jeremiah 6 :14  They have also healed the hurt of My people slightly, saying ” peace, peace!”  when there is no peace. )

There is no victory in the church.  Many in the church believe they are to blame for not getting healed.  They’ve been told they’re to blame.  And many have distanced themselves from Me because they’re SO hurt.

~~~~~{Patricia was crying, travailing at this point… feeling the pain of the Lord…. so much pain for the hurting}~~~~~  

They’ve been told they should be victorious, but they are so crippled by their hurt, they know they can’t measure up.  So they have to hide in the shadows.  They’re not strong enough to fight for themselves, for their needs.  And the enemy continues to beat them up with condemnation and guilt….. And this is TOLERATED in My children!  I am angry that so many of My lambs that need help and have done all they can do to get free of the enemy are being ignored…!  My church is a HOSPITAL… not just a place for social gathering.

The Lord wants church to know many have struggled on a daily basis.  They’ve been cast out.  Some hurt, hang on the periphery – but no victory.  How can I bring revival if the church has not worked with those they already have?  My churches are hungry for converts.  They want to see souls saved.  But I WANT to see souls set FREE!  I WANT a POWERFUL CHURCH!  And this can only happen if those who are saved are set FREE – cleaned, healed and delivered.

If I bring people to you and they are not delivered or set free – the church will be sick and it will not be victorious.  I am bringing MY POWER and you must learn HOW TO USE IT!  I am empowering My church to do the works of JESUS….to set people free!  The purpose of My power is to set people free…. I will extend it to you… I WILL give it to you!  But it MUST be used for that purpose!  You ask for more power.  You must learn to know how to use it and NOT PUT IT ON HOLD!”

~~~~~~{Patricia sensed that many will come to the church… we will be swamped with people, but it will be VERY important to get them delivered and healed.  Need to learn to be fish-cleaners, to be dependent on God for our answers and how to minister.  The real life in the church is setting them free!  Impression that we ask for power but don’t know how to use it….}~~~~~


Priscilla Von Sutphin comments:

“The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faints.  From the sole of the foot even to the head, there is no soundness in it.  But wounds and bruises and putrefying sores; They have not been closed or bound up, or soothed with ointment”   Isaiah 1:5b-6 NKJV.

We are so quick to want a quick fix to things in our humanness….  it is what we do best to pretend…  pretend we are OK….  or to avoid facing the pain….   I was a nurse for 20 years…  and one of the things you do first to a wound is to debreed it….  to pour on peroxide to debreed and cleanse it…  that can be very painful if deep tissue is involved….  I have seen infected surgical wounds… open up because the stitches were infected… and it is gaping… and has to be debreeded daily for a while until the wound is healed from infection and pus… and is starting to fill in with tissue…

Link to Merlin Carothers' book 'What's on your mind?'It hurts to look at the pain of the past…. I know… I was a victim of terrible abuse as a child… and I avoided inner healing due to my fear of having anything to do with new age practices as my mother had gotten involved in that and other forms of witchcraft…. but then God gave me a dream and spoke to me in reading a book by Merlin Carothers called “What’s on your mind? “….   I had read the scripture in that… where Noah was told by the Lord…. that every thought of man’s imagination was to do evil… so God was going to destroy the earth…. and God spoke to me through that saying “If they can use their minds to do evil…., (i.e. cloning as an example)  Why can’t you use yours to get healing?

It is NOT evil to ask the Holy Spirit to come and show a person where the root of their suffering is……  True inner healing is under the Holy Spirit’s unction and direction, and not for the person doing the assisting to control.  It is ALLOWING God to come in and do surgery on our hearts.. . to expose the pain, the hurts, the anger and places that sometimes we have not even remembered.  I am nearly 67 and didn’t start inner healing till maybe 19 years ago.

I had a lot of things I have forgotten, and God is still bringing up more.  HE IS FAITHFUL to do it a little at a time, or however He sees fit for the person’s own personality.  Some go through slower, and some are more open and willing & it goes quickly.  Some have more rebellion fostered by old hurts, & rejection, and so try to control, and resist because the demons in them resist, and it takes MUCH PATIENCE and God is the most PATIENT and KIND person I know.  He is always continuing to love us and have patience knowing all the hurts we have gone through.  Remember a bruised reed He will not break!

He is not there with a bull-whip going “STRAIGHTEN UP JACK! or you’re outta here!”  That voice I do know. It is the voice of the harsh taskmaster RELIGION!  It comes with condemnation, guilt and intimidation and is NOT God, though it tries to sound like Him.

In ALL God’s dealings with me, He has been so gentle, and patient.  It is astounding.  It is at times like that, that you know what real love is.  I implore you with all the words that have been on the internet and in our churches about getting healed up to get in HIS PRESENCE.  That is the place of healing.  TRUST GOD to do the very best for you and to not leave a stone unturned, or a door of your heart locked and shut.He is still doing it in me and I pray will continue till there is more of Him in me….  [I got more healing in a short time during the Toronto revival, than I did in years of sporadic prayer ].
Love in Christ…..


–  by Priscilla Van Sutphin

of Upstream Ministries,  California
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  1. Mark 2:17 (NKJV)
    When Jesus heard it, He said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”