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My Radiant Remnant Shall Rumble — 13 Comments

  1. Si, è vero, Dio chiude le porte della nostra vita passata: fallimenti errori, relazioni sbagliate basate sull’inganno, la falsità, l’ipocrisia. È uno strappo doloroso, ma necessario per conseguire la libertà che ci consente di abbracciare la Nuova Vita, il cambiamento, la svolta verso il nostro destino.
    Grazie profeta Sandi, perché nelle tue parole trovo la risposta alle mie preghiere.
    Grazie Padre celeste! Shalom♡

    [ HKP : “Yes, it’s true, God closes the doors of our past life: failures, mistakes, wrong relationships based on deception, falsehood, hypocrisy. It is a painful tear, but necessary to achieve the freedom that allows us to embrace the New Life, the change, the turning point towards our destiny. Thank you Prophet Sandi, because in your words I find the answer to my prayers. Thank you, heavenly Father! Shalom♡” ]

    • Maranatha, I rejoice with you that you have found the answer to your prayers. Hold fast to His unchanging hand, speak His word, and know that the gates of hell cannot prevail over you. He is your peace. He is your redeemer, and He is your Savior. Run your race before you knowing He has put you on the path of life everlasting. Many blessings, Sandi

  2. God is faithful! A timely message of going forward and letting go. My journey is clear, thank you for your obedience to hear God’s word and share it for many will get their awaited answers❤️

    • Thank you Nancy for your kind words of confirmation. Keep your eyes on the prize as you move forward with a firm foundation of clarity and truth. God richest blessings to you, Sandi

  3. Thank you Sandi for posting this awesome and encouraging word from the Lord. It truly spoke to my heart and I receive this exciting words.  May the Lord increase the anointing on you to bless the body of Christ.  Blessings and hugs!!!

    • I sure receive your blessing of an increased anointing dear MF. We all need each other in these perilous yet exciting times I am so encouraged with your heart responses because truthfully that is what it is all about…His heart to our heart..and our heart to his. Love and hugs to you dear one! Sandi

    • Dear Donna, I have a cousin named Donna and when I saw Donna W (her last name initial). I wondered if this was her. I appreciate your agreement. Amen is so powerful because two in agreement also means we are a three fold cord as we two plus the Lord = 3. A three fold cord is not easily broken. Many blessings, Sandi

  4. Yes! And Amen Lord!
    I believe and receive Your Word!
    Hallelujah! ( I don’t know how to type in tongues)
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Hello Marc, I love your AMENS of agreement. Love your on fire excitement. Keep praying in tongues ..no need to type them. LOL! Hope you are enjoying your Thank you stories. Looks like the Lord has me here for quite a while longer..Who knew? I will not be leaving any time soon. Blessings,Prayers and love to you and Tami, Sandi

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