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  1. Dear Beverly what a wonderful word from the Lord.  It confirms what the Lord is doing in my life.  I have been asking the Lord to lead me to where He wants me to read in the Word and as He leads I am amazed at the beautiful revelation of His power and mercy and i feel very satisfied in what He is telling me through His word.  I am learning to lean on His ways and not mine.  It is a process.  Thank you so much for your beautiful heart of sharing with His bride. Blessings in abundance to you and yours!!!

    • MF,
      GOD is calling out to each of us, to draw us in closer to Him.  So glad you are asking Him more regarding scripture to study. He knows exactly what we need. So glad you are enjoying it.

      Thank you so much for your kinds words. BLESSINGS! Bev

    • Don,
      Thank you so much for your kind response. I’m so glad you had a chance to listen to Jen Tringale as well.

      BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Soo Good, I’m reading it again for the second time.
    This morning I heard the train. We live in a large city and the train goes through often I’m sure, I just don’t hear it, but this morning I did…..and then I read your post.
    I’ve been being made aware by the Lord that I need to partner with Him in taming my tongue. Slander has been an infectious poison in my family for many years, and I have people around me who throw that sewage out there continuously. I humble myself today before Him Beverly. I don’t want there to be a single crack in any part of my life that would give the enemy permission to take it all. Because he will, opportunist that he is.
    I am like the butterfly emerging from the pod. And by the Power of His Spirit I will succeed. I don’t look like I used to, I threw it all in the garbage, in obedience to God. The persecution as a result is horrific, cruel, perverse…..and truly ugly, but its temporary. Only for a season. And it’s taught me more in my life than any other test and trial could. I’ve learned to bless those cursing me and pray for my persecutors. Plus it’s driven me directly into the arms of my loving Heavenly Father.
    God bless you beautiful lady, I’m truly grateful for the post and Jen Tringales prophesy….thank you!!

    • Cherish, Wow! Sounds like you have fought your way through the nay-sayers, complainers, jealous ones, & others the enemy has put before you & OVERCOME THEM ALL!

      PAPA says, Well done, My Beloved. For you have listened well to instruction, been obedient to Me, & OVERCOME the enemy on many fronts. You have learned your lessons well. 

      My BELOVED, know change is at your door, even as you open it. Do not fear, but come forth boldly into all that I have for you.

      Even as you come forward, My light will shine on you more. Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! For, you havent seen anything yet! I am about to “prove” myself to you & those who have opposed you. Oh My! Will they be surprised!

      I AM the one who cherishes you & loves you most! WATCH & SEE!

      Thank you so much for your kind response! GOD Bless you! Bev

    • Debs,
      Thank you so much for your kind response. GOD is so GOOD to us, when we let Him in to rule & reign in our hearts & lives.

      I LOVED Jen’s Word & cried through parts of it & had to listen to it several times, especially the story she shared of the policeman, that seemed to fit in with the humility GOD wants for each of us. There are consequences & rewards for everything we do & this seemed like an example of that & more.  It seems like the policeman in his humility blessed so many families by asking the LORD for direction to finding the abducted children & following through with Him.

      GOD says you have a Deborah mantle of war & carry much wisdom with you. Continue to use His wisdom, as He will be sending many to you in the days ahead.
      GOD Bless you! Bev

  3. Beverly,

    I love this post for so many reasons. God has often used ‘train’ metaphors with me over the years; and I often lived near train tracks, heard their whistles in the night, so it’s comforting.

    There was a rhythm and flow in this post of the power & serenity of the sovereignty of God. Nothing, absolutely nothing, shakes up Holy Spirit. He is going to have His way. He is determined to comfort His true ones, and nothing can stop the love Papa God has for His own.Your post invokes this truth.
    Bless you.  Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth,
      Kindness must be in your name somewhere, for truly it is a companion of PAPA’S LOVE in your heart!

      GOD views you as such a “TREASURE” to Him. He relishes the time you spend with Him. I see you in your wedding gown dancing before Him with such freedom & joy in your heart. You are truly beautiful!

      You carry His Presence well, with your Prophet’s Heart. He’s added an Apostolic mantle as well to fill you out in many areas. He knew what He was doing & what you’d be doing & what you’d need in the days ahead.

      Dont take on too much, as you’ll be very busy in the days ahead. You have great change coming quickly. Be ready & waiting!

      Thank you so much for your kind response!

      GOD Bless you! Bev

      • Dear Beverly,

        Your kind words were used by God, today, to confirm to me several things. How grateful I am for your obedience to Jesus. Ps> I’m not sure how to ‘direct message, send a private msg’ on this site, I’ve only been on HKP year or more. Just know what you’ve written above has deeply touched me. Thank you dear one.

        – oh – is Juelsgaard a Dutch (Nederlander) surname? I recognize it. Shalom – Elizabeth

        • Elizabeth,
          Juelsgaard is from my Danish heritage. “gaard” meaning “farm of” & Juels was the oldest son’s name, so meaning “farm of Juels” from what I’ve been told.

          GOD is so good to us, in sharing His heart.

          I dont know how to direct message either, so dont worry about it.

          May GOD continue to shine His light through you!  You have been a beacon for many!

          GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

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