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  1. Yes and amen to this post!! The first person I thought of was Robin Bullock and then as I scrolled down further to read this word I saw that you said his name, too! I know which Sunday service you’re referring to! I watched it 5x!! I couldn’t get enough of the prophetic music!  I was going to cut my grass and I felt the Lord tell me to stop what I was doing and run to my TV room and turn up Robin’s service LOUDLY. I did and as I sat on my floor the FIRE of God fell on me!! Phew! The best!!!

  2. Chris, as I reread and pondered this scene, the INTERPRETATION was so spot on..Even though Trump doesn’t match the profile we think of as David, God uses the strength and assets that each of us bring to the table. The Leadership call is there and obviously God was a shepherd boy not trying to be a leader. Trump was a successful business man who didn’t need all this drama and trauma but God looked inside the two and saw their hearts and being God who is all knowing, I believe God had a plan ahead of the problem and the good news is: HE NEVER CHANGES HIS MIND! Great word, Chris. Sandi

  3. I just wanted to let Chris know that the Smith wigglesworths are coming soon, I had a dream about 20 years ago, in the dream I saw a man and he was bobbing up and down like a Jew at the wailing Wall, and I looked out from the man as I felt guided from the Lord and as far as I could see there were people everywhere this guy was on fire for the Lord. The Lord also gave me a dream that he wants me to go and relocate in the United Kingdom I’m in the United States now, so I’m waiting for God’s way and miracle and timing, I’m only interested in the doors that God opens, and I’m sure you understand that please be praying for me God bless you all I enjoy reading this link.:-) I just found this link a few days ago, it’s very exciting:-)

  4. Steve Schultz has also been on his radar…Laura & Eric Trump have both been on Elijah Streams…Kat Kerr too has an “in” with him…He seems to be paying more attention to the prophetic voices, esp. the Kim Clement replays…Praying God puts him in touch with the ones he can receive from & trust…

  5. i believe Nathan French may very well be the prophet the Lord is already using to counsel President Trump. He has prophesied over him in the past and has met with him at various places including the White House.

  6. Donald trump is truly sent by God and has been and will be used by God. But he is definitely not a David. He is not a spiritual man he does things in the part God sent him to do. The next part will be to strengthen the Church that will help Donald trump continue his next part. God has and will send a deliver in fact he is waiting in the wings. He might even be call David. That would be almost too simple. Right now the church world needs simple because if they don’t get it there will be nothing left to get. Some things to think about people.

  7. Wow Chris, I followed Robin Bullock all thru the 2 years of covid, but it’s been awhile now since I have watched one of his Sunday services, I was on YouTube today and saw his video for today’s service and decided to watch it. It was a very special service! The band was playing and they were Worshipping the Lord, then they heard another sound and stopped playing, Heaven showed up and the sounds and angels filled the Church with music ! I believe that this was only the second time that this has happened! It was amazing! Blessings!

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