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Never Give Up & Never Quit — 2 Comments

  1. I been getting angry at the smallest things and my PTSD from my Iraq deployment is getting worse. I hope this is a word for me.

  2. Dear sister Elaine
    You I know for years now and once appeared in your dream, do you remember ? A mountain area… a woman who you felt familiar to, and we had some mails with each other. Also about K.K.’s dream of your birthday (in 7 days ;-)
    Now THANK YOU for this comfort today and guess what ?!?! Yesterday you appeared in my dream ! You came over to Switzerland and smiled to me in a public train. You sat there so friendly. The train was full of people. I wanted to come to you but we were hindered. Later I saw you in town again, in sunshine. We were some hundreds of meters in distance, but we knew we are together. You had a red pullover on. Your message today brings back the song GARMENTS OF PRAISE. God bless you abundantly. My birthday (55) is 7 days after your day. Stay blessed !

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