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New Wisdom, Strategies and Counsel — 5 Comments

  1. Either I’m down tonight or I have been too hard on myself, I’m not sure.

    This is the second post which I read tonight that really instills hope in me. I couldn’t click on the video as I’m sitting downstairs with family. June, there is such a peace from Jesus Christ in the words which you have spoken.

    I’m so glad that I came here prior to going to bed as it’s like having my mind renewed.

    God bless you and thank you!

  2. This is a direct answer, yesterday I prayed the lord to touch my vedalized virtues with his creative touch and he answered me through a preacher to wait on Him and to stop asking for money for He will reward me for my obedience. Lord help me to be calm so I can hear the small still voice

  3. This is interesting how God has been coaxing us to get quiet and hear his voice follow his leading. This change of era is an opportunity to get out of our debt enslavement way of life and step into God s new era and design look around and listen God has set an open door which is not only the way of escape but is also the way into God s future plans don t wait till you see it that would be to late and not faith

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