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  1. The decision regarding impeachment, elections 2016 and 2020…is Judge JESUS CHRIST…HE is the beginning and the END. He knows BEHIND the scenes of this ridiculous, far-left & far-right political, government, & social media manhunt. The LORD is aware about POTUS, his administration, his secrets & PAST POTUSs. Judgement lies BEFORE the LORD & HE will use HIS elects to cast HIS DECISION. AMEN✔☑☝☝☝

  2. He said he was chosen in jest.  He was chosen by the American people. And, at a completely different time, he signed bibles he gave away as a gift, sort of like the page in the front of a Bible that says to so and so from Mommy and Daddy.  He certainly did not sign them as though he were God. I thank God for Donald Trump!  Before 2016 we couldn’t even say Merry Christmas.  There was tolerance for everybody but the Christian.  But, thank God we have a voice again and we better take advantage of it just like the sister says.  I agree and stand with every word and prayer she’s written.  Christmas before last Donald Trump, while praising Emmanuel, made the statement that the government shall be upon “His” shoulders.  We must stand strong and declare that we in America will worship the most high, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob…..Jesus is His name and in that Name come against the powers of darkness for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!  The devil is a defeated foe if we will just fight,

  3. You are thanking God for a man that made an idol out of his name.  He signed Bibles, he put the idol of his name in Jerusalem, he went on worldwide telelvision and claimed to be the chosen one.  He believes that Israel believes him to be their messiah.  This man is not righteous.  Jesus Himself said “I come in the name of the Father and you dont accept my testimony, but if someone came in their own name, youd accept that one”.  That is precisely what is happening.

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