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  1. HALLELUJAH & GLORY BE TO OUR GOD! HE IS SO FAITHFUL! Thank You Abba Father! Our TIME Under God is NOW! ON EARTH AS IT IS HEAVEN! We are NO LONGER BOUND! THANKS BE TO GOD Who Always Causes Us to TRIUMP Through Christ JESUS! IT IS OUR SEASON & YEAR OF JUBILEE!!! NO MORE DELAY IN JESUS NAME! Thank You my Sister June! You are Truly a GOD Sent! ☝

  2. Praise God! Hallelujah Jesus! God bless you, Minister Reinke! I sincerely believe that the Lord has opened up a divine flow of favor blessings, which is manifesting in my life within the earthly realm. Oh how my heart desires to please him, to reach souls, the jewels of God, speaking that Wonderful and Powerful name Jesus Christ, to let those I cross paths with, that Jesus Saves souls, giving the Gift of Salvation freely, if they will only believe, confessing his name and believing that God has raised him from the dead.

    Jesus is giver of life eternal, he is the Way, Truth, Life, Light, there no other before him and no one after, he is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, who lives Forevermore.
    I thank you, for sharing the message and Word of God, pouring from your heart for the sake of the Lord, for the Kingdom of God.

    My life is very much different from others I’ve met, always being considered the outcast in the family, the Lord has in some way pass my full comprehension has marked me differently and my own family seem to be distant, withdrawn from me, but I will Praise and Glorify the name of the Lord anyhow, because he is Worthy of all Praise.

    Thank you, Minister Reinke, for sharing the Infallible Word of God, as the Lord shares his heart with you to confirm and inform his people of his thoughts, call, purpose and plan for the Church.
    God bless you, praying that you have a blessed and prosperous day in the Lord Jesus Christ.️

    • May our great God bless you mightily Norman.I am praying for you & your family.You are not an outcast to Jesus.You are a beloved,royal son of the most high king.You are favored & precious in his sight.

      • Glory to God! I receive that in the precious spirit shared and given.
        I was always quiet and didn’t show my deep emotions growing up, withdrawn and I was looked at as different by my peers and family, mainly my dad. Both of my parents have passed and now my 1 sister has put a block on Facebook, where I cannot contact her directly, this happened a few weeks ago, as if a spirit has beging to overpower her mind, change her character of what I am used to seeing, no valid reason, it happened suddenly.

        But I still have to serve my Master, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, despite my friends and family isolating, separating, distancing themselves from me, from all types of communication. I give Jesus Christ the highest Praise, hallelujah Jesus! I exalt the holy name of the Lord!️

        • God is a Restorer,something similar happened to me too.(for apparently no reason too).Be encouraged!He is working on your behalf,behind the scenes.Norman,your breakthrough is coming in Jesus mighty name.He knows your hearts desire.

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