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No Moochers in the next season! — 2 Comments

  1. What an An Awesome words! really as if you know what is happening in my life there are people who wants to drain me and take advantage as a results I feel bad when I don’t give them what they require to me because I am a born again christian. Let me share a little story my dearest sister at home we are two daughters and I am the youngest. My eldest sister got the spirit of Jezebel, she is dividing my family, she does not have peace in her heart, she is jealousy, she only want good things for herself. I’m trying to ignore her but my mother loves me and she is not happy about that. She is cursing my marriage and harassing my sons. She is using my mother to be against me and she always ask money always. Please pray for my family. I forgave her but her heart is so hard. Thank you

  2. WOG thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you. The Lord revealed this to me in a dream and I saw the plot play out in the natural realm in my old ministry. Confirmation.

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