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No More Delays! — 4 Comments

  1. Yes! Agrees with “the Word Sent” from Thomas Downes…So many of your hearts are entwined with the same Heavenly cords!!! Can feel HEAVEN’S ANTICIPATION as we AGREE with the the WORD SENT!!!
    Thank you dear brother!
    Anticipation of the SPLENDOR of HEAVEN’S GLORY SUNRISE breaking upon us!

    • Shelley I agree. God bless this Word.
      It is so about Obedience. Being where and when God places us to be. 
      Then when people have a true spirit of Revival already in them, then the sparks can readily ignite and will! 

      If not, the embers will just die. Sad but true.

      If we be in a house church or a building, we need just yield to The Lord God Almighty!
      He will put any wildfire out.

      Holy Ghost flames ignite!

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