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  1. I was remembering in my prayer time this morning an event with my daughter which occured about 25 years ago. We were praying together that the Lord would deliver me from fear but as we were praying He was giving my daughter a vision, she was around 11 yrs old at the time. She saw herself in a crib in a dark room, a demon was circling her crib and she was crying, I asked the Lord what else He wanted to show her, she said the Lord spoke to her and told her that the demon was there to keep the “Good” out, but she could see a bright Light coming closer outside the room. As she focused on that Light she realized it was Jesus Christ, His Light began to flood the room and as it did the demon shrunk to the size of a cockroach and scurried out of the room. The Lord then picked up my daughter and put her on His lap. I was overjoyed and devastated at the same time
    I was thrilled for her but still stuck in fear. My daughter spoke up and said, “Mom, the Lord is showing me another vision and its you lying on a bed surrounded by movies, books, and music full of evil holding your peace.” I asked the Lord what else He wanted to show her, after a minute she said, “I see you in the future, your lying on a bed surrounded by good books, movies and music and your filled with peace.”
    He’s delivering me moment by moment. Sometimes I wish so bad it would go faster, but I know that I know He’s perfectly on time.
    God bless you beautiful lady, I loved this post!! :)

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