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No Power Like Holy Ghost Power — 5 Comments

  1. The days we are living in is no different than it was in bible days.
    The lust of the flesh all around, sinful men and woman, children. No morals, haters, of good, hostile, wickedness, everywhere you turn. The good news is the Kingdom of God, his people shall arise and will do mighty exploits, in these last days, for we surely are here now. Jesus is coming, he is coming, it is near.

  2. Yes so true to heart. I come daily unto you the mountain top of the Lord.
    I thank you Father, my God. I see things that are not to be everywhere prevalent. It is all around, at my office of employment. The darkness upon the people is gross, has consumed them. I ask you Father, increase within me, the Holy Ghost Power.  I will come up after you everyday.
    I desire your heavy anointings, you have promised to me, fill me overflowing, empower me, let your light shine brightly before men, that they may see my good works, and glorify you. The days which we are living in, is no different than the days which men and woman walking here. Good, is so evil, so prevalent.  I come Father to you, to meet with you, strengthen me, I am here for you, change me into that vessel of honor. I need your presence.
    I love you. Thank you Jim Hammerle, for sharing his powerful truths. Blessings.

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