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No Snake or Devil in Hell Can Stop Your Assignment — 4 Comments

  1. I wonder how I just came across your post. I’m eagerly waiting for Lord to show my life mission here on planet earth. I believe I’m born out of nowhere. I mean I always feel an outsider. People consider me a little strange. I have different views on life’s aspect. I’m not worried about death any more or bad things because I believe Lord is working on my behalf. I’m from a broken family but having a dream of a perfect family someday. I also want to travel the world but no finances. Not even a job, I’m currently jobless. I saw dreams from God that about to happen I can feel that and told to people but they don’t believe or laugh at me. A few weeks later I saw a fiery circle on the skies about countdown begins for flood and a dream about spirits, and a dream about a stranger telling me they are coming for you extra. I can remember lots of details but couldn’t find out the exact meaning. I’m 28 years old living in India. Always fascinated about angels, heaven, and think what a supernatural authority is God is. How far his powers. I believed this world, life is all like super science fiction stuff. Can you help me to find out about my life purpose/mission on earth? You can hear God directly please ask and let me know about it? What should I do when I’m unable to get a job either. I’m just at home only.

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