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No Time to Lose Your Connection! — 2 Comments

  1. Great Word of Encouragement!  For those that have been weary and abused by the others, and have used it to hide themselves in Him and cleave to Him through it all, HE is causing them to be thrusting them ahead as forerunners!  No longer stepped over, lied about, shunned and falsely accused, the JOSEPH annointing from the pit to the palace is locating them, as they have been tested and tried repeatedly in the fire!  Those precious ones are coming forth as pure Gold.  Our of the Ashes we rise!  Just as Elizah out ran those chariots the TRUE ChURCH is arising, brilliant adorned in HIS GLORY!  A piercing light that will dispel and expose all darkness and there will be nothing that can hide, nothing!  Rejoice my Sister, your cries have awoke the MASTER!  Separated, prepared and called to the Kingdom for such a time as this!  I have traded my sorrows!!!

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