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Nothing Is Beyond The LORD’s Reach — 7 Comments

  1. Thank for sharing this, Sandi. It met me in a significant and profound way; at a very vulnerable time and place, on this journey called life.

    • Dear Brian, So very glad that you had confirmation and understanding. Continue to commune with Him and apply the blood of Jesus as you walk in faith and the whole truth for He is IN you and you are IN Him an He will lead you and protect you and keep you in all your ways. Blessings, Sandi

  2. I AM come to lead you through sudden open doors, unknown opportunities, and many new connections. My God I have prayed for this. I have been waiting for years to see the manifestation of what God truly has for me. I desire so much to be in His will and not miss Him. Sometimes it’s frustrating because many, many doors have been shut, slammed even, in my face, but I continue to trust that this is His way of keeping me from my own ways. Ohhh how I long to see and experience such a breakthrough. Thank you for this Word. Blessings to you Sandi.

    • Dear Briget, I love when He shuts doors as I seek Him for He has a reason and a purpose as His timing will open the right doors at the right time. Patience is having it’s perfect work that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. It is truly a powerful character building and trust building work. So glad that He has given you the right desire and is fulling it His way, His time. Press in with thanksgiving and praise for breakthrough is here. Many blessings, Sandi

  3. Your Prophetic flow lines up amazingly in what the Lord shows me. I need your prayers, I have my back against the wall, as it were.

    • Thank you John, I will pray for you as I go into my prayer time this day at 2pm EST Bless you day and I am grateful for the confirmation you so graciously shared. Sandi

    • Hi John, I am continuing to pray and believe you are receiving a breakthrough to complete peace as you allow the Lord to show you your heart and continue to commune with Him. For in the midst of the turmoil, we who are intimate with Him with be filled with peace and abide under the shadow of His wing. Continue to apply the power of the Blood as you seek the Lord. Blessings Sandi

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