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Nothing is Too Difficult for The LORD! — 3 Comments

  1. Father, thank you. From my open heart to you. By the way, you have the keys; always welcome, just enter. Take a seat in your honorable seat, and talk with me, because i’m always trying to listen, and understand; and i have so much to understand… i even not understand how to listen your better; how to do better. And i want. You know.
    I only have you. Take my hand, walk with me. I’m just a children. I want to listen you, to learn from you, to better understand you, and to give my best for you.

    You have me. My eyes shine just thinking about you (and i even not comprehend how great you are). One day, i dream, and believe, i will hold your hands, and look into your eyes to just see love, and comprehend love, and get deep into the love. I will not die, because in your perfect love i will be renewed in you; renewed by the creator of life. And the love will hold me, and i will be in complete joy, because i will be in trustful and faithful arms; in complete fellowship with my Father, and full of joy with my best friend.

    I’m dreaming, but in you good dreams will come true; i have this hope, because you gave me this hope. It’s mine, it’s yours. You will make it happen. Only you can do miracles; maybe i live in a miracle, with you, day after day.

    I love you. Thank you again.
    It’s a honor, it’s a gift.
    To the one that give good gifts for your sons, i just ask more. You are good, and i want to understand what unlimited is.

  2. This is an on time prophetic word for me. Thank you Lord for you are All Wise invisible King. You’re the Lord God of all Flesh & absolutely Nothing is too hard for you to do. Father, grant me more Grace to trust & wait on your perfect timing as I can do nothing on my own without you Lord. Thank you Pastor Reinke.

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