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Rupture, Trust, Trials, Obedience, Wisdom, Will You Honor Me? — 3 Comments

  1. Bev, How could we ever thank Angus enough for all that he does to help us? His heart is as big as all outdoors and his spirit of excellence is to be greatly valued!!! What a word. This part “Mankind is about to learn many lessons this week and in the weeks ahead. Stay FOCUSED ON ME, and SEEK ME.” confirmed the Silence word the Lord gave me and I am only listening to His voice. I have set aside the rest of this week to be still and listen carefully in the Fear of the Lord. Bless you my sister, Sandi

    • Sandi, Thank you so much for your kind words,compassion, & heart for the LORD, that are ever present.

      Hoping you also listened to Patricia Show Word I sent you in text, re: Passover & changes ahead.

      He keeps telling Me that we’ll never be the same after Passover. We have some exciting & challenging times ahead of us. We have to STAY FOCUSED & SEEK HIM, as never before.

      You are the BELOVED of the LORD. HE GREATLY CHERISHES YOU & your worship, adoration, & time spent with Him. GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

  2. 4/23/24 I saw this in my information this am:


    I believe this may have been the issue in the delay of receiving the whole Word, from the 1st time it was posted.

    I’m so grateful to Angus that he took down the Obedience 2 that was only part of the whole Word & republished the WHOLE WORD with all of its parts, & posted RUPTURE, TRUST, TRIALS, OBEDIENCE, WISDOM, WILL YOU HONOR ME?

    Hoping readers will reread it to get the WHOLE PICTURE from the LORD, & not bypass it because they dont realize it’s all included now.

    Blessings! Bev

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