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Oh Americans: are you sound Asleep? — 2 Comments

  1. Again, I must say, Great word!  Yes, God’s TRUE PROPHETS have been mocked many times!  They have been accused of being judgmental when they were just trying to bring truth and warning to the church!  They have been accused of not having God’s love, when the truth is, God does not wish to see anyone perish according to the scriptures, so therefore, He will send messages to the church to be mindful of its sins, and not take God’s grace for granted!

  2. Great word!  I am a firm believer in God’s grace.  However, I ask for it frequently because I need it!  BUT, I also cry out for God’s mercy while asking for Grace because I fully know that many times I DO NOT DESERVE IT! 

    Grace is not something any one should be using for an excuse to KEEP ON SINNING, especially in the same sins.  Preachers need to preach the WHOLE message of grace, not just ONE SIDE OF IT!

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