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Oh Pampered America, What are We Willing to Suffer? — 4 Comments

    • Linda, you are so welcome!
      Yes he was and I’m praying whether to include some more for illustrations? Many have, but some have never read Foxes Book of Martyrs for eg. The praises go on regardless of what we suffer for the cause of Christ. God bless you my sister. ❤️

  1. I’m trying here in life … Say a prayer for me and my homeless friends too . I tried helping the homeless here in town and might be evicted . I try to talk to various local pastors but have not been given much help besides prayer and some food too . I want to talk about ways to improve or put the body of Christ to work to help but it is challenging to find anyone who thinks differently … Gets frustrating to be told to get help from a doctor when there is little family around outside of the church .

    • Jordan, you will be very seriously taken up in prayer about this. Some that can help, don’t as they just don’t care.
      Others like me and more, care but are not able.
      Still we can pray for you! Keep asking, seeking and knocking. I encourage you not to give up. May the Lord bless and keep you.

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