The Oil Press!


“Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane….”   Matthew 26:36a.

I have sensed a word in my spirit for those of you in the body right now who are currently experiencing immense amounts of pressure through various trials in this season.

If this is what you are currently experiencing in this hour then this encouraging word from the Lord is for you.  The finest and freshest oil comes out of those olives that have been put under the most intense pressure.  Likewise in your lives although you may be currently experiencing a great amount of pain and pressure, the Lord is going to use these things to bring forth a fresh flow of His Spirit in both your lives and ministries.

Think with me of the arduous task of making olive oil.  The entire process includes grinding, mixing and even separating the water from the oil to get the best and purest form of olive oil.  The more precious and pure the oil, the tougher the process it had to undergo in order to remove the impurities.  Does this sound familiar and speak of the season you are in presently?!

Right now some of you may feel like you in a season of grinding spiritually speaking.  It may well be for some of you that every turn you make there is a whole new set of pain and problems.  It could some form of sickness or health issue.  Perhaps it is a difficult trial within the home or even with your children.  Some of you may be under serious financial strain.  But be encouraged with this word from the Lord: It is under the pressing trials that the fresh oil of His Spirit will begin to flow forth from your life.

In order for this to happen the Lord desires to SEPARATE and STRIP AWAY from our lives certain things in order for a GREATER FLOW of His Spirit to flow forth.  Do not despise the Lord’s separating and stripping process for it is preparing you to carry and walk in a greater measure of God’s anointing and presence.

Gethsemane,  Γεθσημανῆ, Gethsēmanē,  gheth-say-man-ay’,  was the place that served as an oil press for Jesus Christ.  The word “Gethsemane” in the Greek literally means: “an oil press.”  It was in that very place that Jesus under the immense pressure of the suffering awaiting Him, began to sweat drops of blood.  But Christ’s Gethsemane led to the cross where sin and death was defeated once and for all.  And not only that but now the Spirit of God has poured out from on high because of what Christ accomplished.  From Christ’s “OIL PRESS” we have received the FRESH OIL of His Spirit.  Hallelujah!

Take heart my brothers and sisters and if you are seemingly in that place of pressing and pressure, know that FRESH OIL is on the way.


~ Kevin Stevens

Kevin StevensKevin Stevens is a Pastor, Evangelist, Revivalist, and Author out of Western N.Y.  It is Kevin’s heart and passion to write prophetically under the unction of the Spirit of God. Kevin’s books “A Word for the Weary” and “Moving Mountains” are available now on Amazon.


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