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Old Testament Prophets — 1 Comment

  1. Here at HKP a very good summary about the signs of a true prophet, it has been published 2 times. I forgot the original author, but it is worth to search for it.
    Not only in times of the Old Testament was a true prophet avoided or rejected, or worse than that. Throughout history, until today, most religious people – JESUS called them hypocrits and pharisees, do not want to listen to a messenger who boldly speaks GOD’s WORD of truth, justice and righteousness. Some / many people do not want to see the love that it inside and behind this hard work. If you did not attend Bible College, you don’t get much respect from church “Christ-ians”. I tell this without bitterness, dear brothers and sisters. An example: That lonesome prophetess ANNA knew more than all others.

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