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  1. Dear Anonymous- It normally would be possible, in which case I would give you her phone number, but for the time being the Lord has removed her from service for a time of rest. However, it was the Lord who led me directly to her for prayer in the first place, so I would suggest that you confess to the Lord your desire to be released from any such addictions, and then ask Him to lead you directly to someone of His choosing to pray over you, for there are other anointed ones hidden away, too.  The entire deliverance and healing process is a beautiful learning experience that you will carry with you for all eternity.  Jesus can hardly wait to help you, if you will ASK.  rick

  2. Thank you so much brother Stephen…very wise words straight from the throne room.
    I am So blessed every time i read
    Gods words spoken through you his chosen vessel.
    May Father Richly Bless you!!

  3. Dear Steve- I just wanted to testify, for what its worth, that I have had opportunity to personally know some of the most powerfully anointed apostles and/or prophets around, and you are so right that one in particular I know did not graduate from any university of ministry training, except the school of the road of hard knocks on your knees.  She was refused attendance at the world conference of apostles, and told she was not a real ordained one, and is not publicly well known.  She lives on a mountain top in a remote wilderness area, all by herself, and yet every time I’ve needed healing, she was there to pray over me.  Her anointed prayer is so powerful that in all cases, I was almost immediately & completely healed within seconds of time, over the phone, from usually thousands of miles away.  We NEED more anointed ones like her!  rick

    • I’ve called upon the name of Jesus and He’s cast out demons from myself. And then I felt His supernatural peace, that passes all understanding. And then I felt the supernatural power of God come down into me. Does this mean I am ordained? What does this mean?

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