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Declarations & Decrees: Our Eyes Are on You, Our LORD and God! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Dawn, The Lord God Almighty bless you and your ministry. I woke up worried in my spirit and it seemed like your page was right there on my phone. I didn’t consciously go online looking. I just asked the Holy Spirit about why something that had happened at work (not concerning me but under my jurisdiction) was agitating me. And there! Your Declarations and Decrees just popped onto my screen just as I touched on google. I use google a great deal, but this time, I honestly didn’t set out to look for anything in particular especially because I was just roused out of my sleep.

    God bless you for blessing my at 1am in the morning.

  2. Hi can you stand with me in accepting the work God has started in my life and believeing that He will finish it?
    I want to serve Him but I need alot of healing in my heart and life. Thankyou.

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