Our Magnificent Obsession!


Magnificent, is just one of many thousand words that could begin to unveil the true beauty and glory of our King!

We are the among the army of the Most High that is sick and tired of dead religion.  Our desire and passion is found in our God, our all consuming fire!

Let me tell you something right now!  The spirit of Ananias and Sapphira is being executed and destroyed right now.

I feel it so strongly as the LORD speaks this to me.  This is that spirit that only offers bits and pieces to Jesus.

It is a religious spirit going through all the motions, but no heart in it! It is a spirit of self preservation giving only what is comfortable.

We need the fire in the pulpit to melt the ice in the pews!

Oh but I see a powerful breed of fire baptized Jesus lovers rising not only to shake hell, but shake up the lukewarm church that has shifted into a long distance relationship with Jesus.

They lost their first love and didn’t even know it has happened.  Remember, He would rather you be hot or cold, than to be lukewarm!

Praise God, because those who have been asleep will wake up.  A new fire and zeal will be burning!  Their eyes shall be anointed with eye salve and they will see their Saviour clearly.

I see more than just Jesus fans!  I see Jesus lovers who have made him their magnificent obsession.

They are coming forth to make that Kingdom impact.

I say to the broken, to the hurting, to the sick and addicted, the power packed vessels of the LORD are coming and coming with POWER!

They are not bound by religion!  They are carrying the hope you been waiting for!

The church was never meant to be an institution becoming colder.

It is a fiery, passionate body of people who are more than just fans but followers.  They are Alive with his presence and power!

They are unstoppable in his mighty name!

Their eyes always fixed upon King Jesus!

For He is our Magnificent Obsession!


Dana Jarvis

Dana JarvisDana Jarvis has a calling upon her life and Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry came from a Word the LORD spoke to her.  His words resonated in her Spirit and is what Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry is all about ~ to Equip, Empower, Encourage, and Raise Up his Sons and Daughters for such a time as this!
A Prophetic Seer/ Intercessor, Minister, Author & Christian Coach/ Prophetic Mentor, Dana is blessed by Abba to be one of His Leading Ladies for such a time as this.  Feel free to contact Dana as she would love to hear from you!

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Our Magnificent Obsession! — 1 Comment

  1. So beautiful is Our Beloved Darling of Heaven! Jesus will have His Glorious Bride! A great thanks and holy kiss to you my faithful sister who so loves Our King!