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  1. I see you with a key of the Kingdom and you are loosing people out of cages with Jesus. I also see God training you for a new platform of binding the strongman! Glory to God. I see you on the back of Jesus as an eagle, hands out stretched … totally free…. soaring on waves of glory. *NEW REVELATION GLORY *. With our King of kings! I also see you taking a layer of revelation God gave you and adding it to someone elses layer of revelation to unify Gods revelation and put the pieces of the puzzle of the Kingdom together! New revelation on Kingdom protocols, mandates and anointings. Glory to God, we can do nothing apart from the vine! His ways are higher! One more thing! I see Jesus handing you a golden stick, to go help stir the ancient wells, to remove the dross of mixture with Gods all consuming fire and speak life to the water in the well to be the living water of God, undefiled, uncontaminated, pure and holy.
    I confess Jesus Christ came to earth as a man in the flesh. He is the Son of God and He is God.
    May Gods Will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Its harvest time! Glory to God! He is doing a new thing!
    Father You are high and lifted up above all. You are forever exalted! You alone Father deserve all glory and honor. Please bless us to honor You with ever WORD AS AMBASSADORS OF HEAVEN. KNOWING THE WEIGHT OF EACH WORD. THE CREATIVE POWER LOCKED INSIDE. FOR ARE WE NOT MADE IN YOUR VERY IMAGE! WITH THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH IN OUR TONGUE. IN JESUS’S NAME! AMEN.

  2. My sister in Yeshua, yesterday i was led by the Holy Spirit to ask you to please pray for my son and I. Today i read this new propehcy you posted, pain comes in the night and joy comes in the morning is the scripture God gave me when i had my son. I feel Gods words through you in this post are a direct answer to my prayer request. Our God is so faithful and kind. He is love. So wonderous to behold. An all consuming fire. I want to encouage you in the Lords PINPOINT accuracy of your ministry with Him. I also want to share what i see for you:

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