Particular Warning for California!


I did receive these words early this morning around 2 AM.  I could not sleep and got up about 1:30 AM, went into my office and heard the Lord speaking about California.  He said I will give you the most Particular Words I have ever given you about the effects of the coming Earthquakes in California.  Write these words for me to warn them and He was then speaking about helping His People in that State.  I did not want to post it until I did sleep on it asking for confirming dream or vision.  He said go no to bed it will be OK to wait for there is time but you must hurry for it is important, Yet I will speak to you.  I did sleep but lightly and I kept hearing and seeing these words.  At the breakfast table I read this word to Celeste and could hardly read it because of emotions and tears.  I was deeply touched and moved again in my spirit as the other day when I broke out weeping (when I heard about Earthquake coming to California and the “By the Moment Now” word).  I knew then that this word MUST BE PUBLISHED so I will now write it:

I move in compassion now and say, many of my people in the State of California have turned to me and have prayed; these will I spare most miraculously from the Great Destruction coming upon California because of the wickedness of the Wicked.  Stay in your homes and put oil on the doors even as the children of Israel put blood on the door.  When I see your Oil and Faith, I will pass by and the Death Angels will not harm you.

Because the Cry has been great coming up to Me out of Los Angeles, I will spare many in that Great City, Yet many will perish because of WANTON SIN OF LASCIVIOUSNESS.  The stench of Hollywood nauseates me and I will Point my finger at it and make special note of it so all the World may see.  I say to my People, Come out of the filth and do not look back, even as Lot’s Wife looked back and perished.  Run from them before you fall with them.  Many of my People have compromised with their open sin, and those who will not repent will be Cast out with them (Hypocrites).  Great suffering will come upon you quickly, except you flee away, washing your hands of the filth and purging your heart of the wicked lust and thoughts against me. 

San Francisco will not be spared because I see the great depths of perversion in you.  Flee Quickly from the City or suffer great loss, all you who know me.  Yet … know this I will have to pull many from the explosion and shaking and fire, even as I did in 911 from the Towers.  Yet for you who live in San Francisco it will be like Sodom and many will perish.  I warn you to flee from the wickedness of sexual perversion; men with men and women with women and the turning of sex into perversion.  I fully see your disgusting behavior even as I beheld Sodom.  Again I Warn you, Flee from the city while you can, yet many I will have to help, taking them by my hand to pull them from the destruction.

The statement of my Wrath upon Sodom City will Vibrate and Shake men of like mind all over the World.  Mighty will be the cry of repentance when they see the destruction and Judgement of this City.

There will be “SAFE ZONES” throughout southern California where my People will gather for safety.  Pray and hear me I will lead many there.

Because of the tremendous Shaking in California there will be many fissures and faults opened up in many places … World Wide.  Like a Trigger on a Gun, the Shaking will travel quickly.  Think NOT because you are not in California that you will Escape, you who Practice the sin of Sodomy.

America will be Shaken to change the course of Events and this will forever cause Change in this Land.

Watch out East Coast, Watch Out from the White House to Every House for I will show you your sins.  I will, Like a Mighty Farmer, Go out and Plow under this very soil of America the ugly sin.  I will scatter those who hate me and a Standard of Righteousness will arise once again.  I will arise in my People because in that day Revival and Great Awakening will come.  Like the World has not seen before, (NOT JUST IN AMERICA).

To him who has ears let him hear what I say.  Men or Women turn now, or suffer for judgements coming.


Lord bring forth this word and publish it, and may it accomplish the purpose it has come.  Help your people to the safe zones and put your hands under their houses, pull many who are helpless from the flames and destruction, In Jesus Christ Name. 

Prophet Ken Dewey

Prophet Ken Dewey photo

Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.



Particular Warning for California! — 4 Comments

  1. It’s great to put out this prophetic word ! A couple of years ago the Lord showed me that WE can STOP these things from happening! A prophecy does not HAVE to come to pass, just as Jonah’s didn’t, because God regards repentance.

    I bless you, brother, and let’s call God’s people up to call on Him, to save these cities (etc) for His sake! There are MANY righteous in those cities! And God will make a way for the unsaved to be saved ‘en masse’ by those very righteous!!!

    Glory to God!

  2. California will experience an earthquake in due time due to tectonic plate movement.  That movement causes earthquakes and it is expected that another will occur at some point, just as many have occurred in the past and will occur in the future.  This has been going on for a long time—millions of years.  Apparently God’s judgment just doesn’t fit in other than how we interpret the event!

    • Dear Mark,
      May the Lord bless and keep you and open your eyes and mind to His truth.
      Personally, we here are guided by First Thessalonians 5:20 and Matthew 10:28.
      Blessings in Christ,