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  1. Sandi, thanks for what you posted. I was reading from your picture and what is listed that the LORD had come into your prayer room and said, “I have come to put a sword into your hand and was given special instructions on how and when to use it.” I’m wondering what this means. I’m questioning this as I wrote a friend of mine this morning that I wasn’t sure if this was biblical or not, however, in my semi-sleep state, I believed that I’d heard that he was given the sword of the Lord. He will know if this is meaningful or scriptural and he is in the five-fold ministry. By the way “Happy New Year – 2023” to you and your household.

  2. All evil was defeated on the Cross by Jesus Christ, hold onto that and His great sacrifice for us. God Bless and give us all peace and sanctuary now and forever Amen

    • Good morning Bella, it is my joy to hear your agreement for peace on earth and He is a safe sanctuary for us in the turmoil and in return we win because He has been preparing us to be a sanctuary for Him to others. Happy New Year to you as we go forward with joy and hope for tomorrow. Blessings, Sandi Holman

    • Dear Linda, Thank you for taking time to greet me with peaceful blessings. May you continue to embrace His peace and pass it to those HE sends your way. It surely does produce peace on earth and goodwill to men. Happy New Year as we move forward with peace and love for a new beginning and hope for tomorrow. Blessings, Sandi Holman

    • Dear 黄怡静. It is always good to hear your amen of agreement. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas as we rejoice together and announce to the world, Jesus Christ is Lord. May His blessings follow you in great measure as you carry His love forward to others in the new year and beyond. Blessings and grace, Sandi Holman

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