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  1. This word is true. No matter how many times I hear, prophets or teachers talk about “America will be saved!“ The only quickening I get in my spirit is that it is not true. I want it to be true, and I pray for his mercy, but the nations are about to pay a heavy price for their abominations. so much destruction is coming. So much conflict and desperation. But those who endure to the end shall be saved. He will set us on a highway of holiness, those who walk, uprightly, and we shall do great exploits in the earth. The betrayals and the persecution are increasing.  Love to you.

    • Sarah, I truly thank God for you coming by. I likewise wish it could be otherwise but to give ‘false hope’ as many are doing is deceiving the people.
      Still we both know not to ever quit praying and ‘obeying’ the Spirit of the Lord.
      We shall make it with joy in our hearts in the midst of troubles as we have never saw before!
      God knows where to place us in these end times. Much shall be avoided by us having listening ears to the spirit. 
      Father God has miracle provisions even if we can’t store up much. We all just need do the best we can and let the Lord multiple whatever else we need! I have saw Him come on the scene and do the impossible many times! His manna from heaven we may even see again! God bless you. ❤️

  2. Dear Joyce:

    We are def.eating from the same bread of life- the same manna – for I’ve been mulling similar thought for a long time.

    I’m sure you too, have had your detractors, those who want to argue with you, try & change the words, for they are not all sugar & sweet…but truth is truth. These days, the verses “BEHOLD- BOTH the Mercy & Severity of God” is in my thoughts a lot.

    Yes – our merciful & tender Father & perfectly compassionate Saviour showers us with His hope & love daily- or else we couldn’t go on, stand, carry on. He knows no one can live (well) or complete their assignments here on earth without HIS hope. And He protects us. My goodness, how He protects us from the fiery darts daily.

    Yet – so many want to deny the times we are in. The Church was never asked to have a false, utopian, outlook in the endtimes. Just the opposite. Jesus & His disciples clearly, plainly told us what would be as the antichrist agenda furled out onto the earth.

    I’ve had my share of (fellow believers) saints who say I should only preach happy-clappy-everything-will-come-up-roses-and-end-perfectly. And it will….WHEN CHRIST RETURNS. That’s scripture.

    Suffering & glory are both written into the plan of salvation, by the finger of God. As the Word clearly says – those who refuse to repent- the wicked will grow more so – and those who love the Lord – will grow in righteousness & holiness. That’s God’s history book we follow- not mans. Shalom

    • Thank you Elizabeth for all your encouragement. I feel we are definitely eating the same manna from above.
      So many just want all the sweet and never the corrections.
      You put things very nicely and I read several times. Loved
      “I’ve had my share of (fellow believers) saints who say I should only preach happy-clappy-everything-will-come-up-roses-and-end-perfectly. And it will….WHEN CHRIST RETURNS.” Thanks for your time and reply sister. Prayers and hugs. Joyce

  3. Hello Sister here is a thought. Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for a time of adversity.
    In the times we are in that is a mouthful. And very appropriate. I know many who call themselves brother and counting you only two others who say they are my friend. I heard this is about to change in a catastrophic way.

    • David, that is a very true and good scripture. Thank you for adding it here.
      The Lord shows up true friends for sure. Thank God He gives us a few in our lifetime that remains.

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