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Perseverance, Persecution, and Promise — 18 Comments

  1. Powerful Word Sandi! I must have missed it first go around. I declared each proclamation here. God bless and keep you my friend and sister. ❤️ Much love. Joyce

    • Thankful for you input my friend. It is so good to declare and proclaim as co-laborers when you know that you know that your hearts are in total agreement, sister Joyce. I am forever grateful that though persecution is here, together we persevere an stand firm on His promises. Love you always, Sandi

  2. Hi Sandi, This is a rich Word full of wisdom and instruction.  I love the part about seize the day and be intentional. That was so good. Also move forward with momentum and stand firm and trusting in the Lord with all our heart I will print this word tomorrow as it is a keeper.  The Lord bless you and keep you. We will keep declaring and decreeing the Word. He is faithful who will also do it. Prayer is always appreciated.  Love you sister. Patricia ❤️

    • You have got my prayers, dear sister Patricia. THank you so much for your encouraging input and your pure heart that expresses the heart of the Lord so well. Please email me if you have any specific need as I am beginning a fast tomorrow for a critical urgent family need. You are loved, Sandi

  3. Woooooooow…this is a now word for the body of Yeshua. Phenomenal! Hallelujah! Glory to God! Thank you mighty woman of God. Shalom to you!

    • Great to hear from you Sis Love Hope. I so appreciate your confirmation. I receive that Shalom with a grateful heart. Sincerely, Sandi Holman

      • Thankyou Sandi for being a beacon of light and hope …may you grow from strength to strength and glory to glory…God Bless you in all you put your hand to…love and blessings

  4. I agree absolutely with this message Dear vessel of God. Before now i used to ask the LORD “WHY AM ALWAYS PERSECUTED & ALL YOU DO IS ASK ME TO WAIT UPON YOU?  Now am beginning to see that The Grace of God has been sufficient for me to persevere countless demonic persecutions that have led to my many double honors & promotions in both natural & spiritual realms beyond my human capacity.  I have also observed that bigger packages/promises for me from my God always trigger more persecutions but God is always faithful to release more Grace to persevere, more strategies, revelations, wisdoms etc to tackle them. May God give us the Grace to truly repent, declare, persevere every persecutions & receive double promotions in Jesus Christ name.

    • Dear Adams, thank you for sharing. As always you minister right back to me. Thank you so much.. love hearing your story. We are all the same in one regard, but we all have a different story. The Lord engages with each of us in His own unique way because He takes us just as we are, where we are and ministers His wisdom and grace to persevere and turn everything around for good. YES MORE GRACE and MERCY that is new every morning. What an AMAZING GOD we serve…HIS LOVE IS the same every day. Many blessings, friend, Sandi

      • Thanks for your prompt & kind response. Thanks for being a blessing to me as well! You are so on point. We really serve an amazing God who knows every struggle & detail of each an everyone of us His creatures. May God strengthen, provisions, increase your anointing, & shield you & your family in Jesus name. Congratulations Dear God’s vessel Sandi! Welcome to your New day!

  5. Sandi, thank you for the words of Wisdom.

    I have decreed everything which you have asked us to decree.

    So far, it’s been a line up of women teaching, sharing, speaking prophetically this evening.

    It is very peaceful, here.

    • Therese, Thanks for your kind words. It shall be established in you and for you just as you said for HE establishes it. He watches over His word to perform it. I couldn’t agree with you more that HIS KINGDOM PROPHECY provides a very peaceful atmosphere, a peaceful family that flows together and the peace of God that passes all understanding to all who enter in here. May you be blessed beyond measure, Sandi Holman

  6. Sandi, this is a much needed and beneficial word to the body of Christ.
    I commented strongly earlier today. Then I couldn’t send it.
    My cell phone went bonkers,lol. Then when I tried to find it, the comment just disappeared

    It lets me know, the enemy is trying to break our connection, but by the grace of God it won’t!

    I love you sister and friend. I am going to set down tonight and reread the whole article. You and Bev today both posted such wonderful words from the Lord. It gives me much strength for my journey.

    Love & prayers, Joyce

    • Hello Friend, I am grateful that His strength is continuing to fill and that His presence in you continues to release His life through you continually. You are His vessel of honor and I so appreciate your faithfulness that sets the bar high for all who come behind you! I love you much, Sandi

  7. Thank you so much Sandi for this apt now word. Every sentence speaks to me. I rejoice for GOD has confirmed his word to me in the midst of great trials. Grace to you

    • You certainly are so very welcome, Julie. I am so happy that He allowed me to share His heart that spoke to you. Isn’t HE wonderful. What a mighty God we serve, He is always on TIME, and knows just what we need. I receive that GRACE with a grateful heart.
      Many blessings,
      Sandi Holman

    • Thanks, dear Cheri, I am glad that His goodness touched your heart. He always tells me that Good means Grace Overcoming Overflowing Divinely! Much love, Sandi

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