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Pharisaical Watchmen — False Messengers — 2 Comments

  1. Confirmed again. I was recently thrown out of a a large Pentecostal church for being “over spiritual”, casting out demons and baptizing the youth. It was a surreal moment of living prophecy fulfilled. This Pharisee spirit is NOT fun to encounter. It will try to goad you into cursing the false watchman. Be on guard! Forgive immediately and BLESS them with your mouth. Goodness, it does blindside you. So grateful for that persecution, though. Truly.

  2. Yes!Childlike trust in The Word of God pleases the Father.  He loves it when we simply believe what His Word says — instead of doubting.
    God is very pleased with His children who have faith in His word and believe it.

    Holy Spirit I plead with all my heart longing for more of you more of Jesus and Father

    In this way, I will focus on your strength and courage to do what you want me to do, especially to spread the gospel of Christ Jesus.

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