Pick me… PICK ME!


The LORD was speaking to my heart, how He longs for HIS children to truly know just how special we are to HIM.

A deep inner knowing, a knowing that is unshakeable and unbreakable in Him.  God’s love is just that, unshakeable and unbreakable!

The LORD gave me a picture of myself in elementary school.  School in general, can be a time of uncertainty, and for many children a time of struggle.

The picture God gave me, was me standing in a line in gym class.  I think we were getting ready to play dodgeball that day in class.

Myself and my classmates were standing on the white line waiting to be chosen.  Of course there were the team captains who were chosen by the gym teacher.

They were in charge of choosing “their” own teams.  So I am sure you remember how that goes…

The team captains keep choosing until every student has been chosen.  I can still here those two words Pick mePICK ME!

You see kids would jump up and down on the line yelling pick me, pick me!  However, I was not the yelling type, instead in my heart of hearts I would be saying pick me, pick me!

Of course no one wants to be the last kid chosen for the team.  Everyone has a basic need to feel accepted and loved no matter the circumstances.

We all need to know that we are CHOSEN!  The LORD spoke to my heart to tell you just how truly special you are.

You see long before you were born you were chosen.  Chosen by the most important person possible, God himself!

God himself, your heavenly Father, loved you so much that he made a plan for redemption.

God made a plan that involved Him giving up his own son to redeem us and give us a chance at eternal life.

As believers, I think we can sometimes gloss over the magnitude of that very thought and sacrifice.

Please take a moment and just think on that… God truly chose you above His very own precious son!  And if that doesn’t make you feel special, think on this…

Not only did God pick you above his very own son, but Jesus the Holy Divine Son of God chose YOU too!

Jesus had the power to be rescued from the cross and He chose you.  He came to earth knowing that he was destined to die.

He died so that you and I could live an abundant life on earth and an eternal life in Heaven.  We were chosen not once, but twice by God the Father and Jesus the son!

God the Father and Jesus the son, heard our hearts cry… Pick me, PICK ME!  I want to speak life to your heart and tell you, you are CHOSEN!

“Dear brothers and sisters, you are dearly loved by God and we know that he has chosen you to be His very own,”   1 Thessalonians 1:4 TPT.

Choose today, to let go of any past rejection, hurt or pain.  Let Jehovah-Rapha (God who heals) heal your heart completely from the inside out today!

Pray this with me…

Dear God,

I thank you that I am CHOSEN!

I thank you that I am so loved that you would send you son to be sacrificed for me.

I thank you Jesus, for that very sacrifice and for sending Holy Spirit to abide with and in me!

Thank you for hearing my hearts cry and for picking me!

I ask that you heal every wound in my heart from rejection.  Where there are wounds of rejection and even self-rejection, I ask that the blood of Jesus heal and restore my heart to the full.

I chose this day to forgive those who have trespassed against me.

I release and give them to you and lay them at your feet.

Forgive me oh God, for my own failures and any un-forgiveness in my heart.

Let me move forward with a clean heart and hands knowing that I am CHOSEN!

In Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen.


Blessings and HIS abundant grace to you!
~  Stacey Talbot

Stacey Talbot

Stacey Talbott of Woven Impact Coaching is a passionate purveyor of HOPE through Jesus!  Called as a Prophetess/ Seer, Stacey operates under the power and unction of Holy Spirit.  Physical, emotional healing are part of her ministry.
Stacey is a Certified Christian Coach who loves to speak the heart of God into others.  She also loves to write for the LORD, encouraging others with HIS life giving words, in various forms including prophetic poetry.
Stacey may be contacted by email at coaching@wovenimpactcoaching.com or via Woven Impact Coaching or her Facebook Page: Deeper Things ~ Thoughts from Heaven.

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